Tony’s Touchpad Circuit

Previous incarnations of the ClariNot have used capacitive touch sensors in place of the keys or tone-holes on a traditional woodwind instrument. Initially I had used the CapSense library for Arduino with a self-made circuit, and later a dedicated breakout board to give me this functionality. Both of these choices, however, came with their own […]

Home Made FSRs

Force Sensing Resistors(FSRs) have been incredibly useful to me in the last few years: this post compiles some of the information I have picked up in that time. Using a material called Velostat, I have been custom building FSRs for my own needs – often with greater dynamic range and at lower cost than their […]

The ClariNot

A tactile interface instrument for improvised music, based on a woodwind-like key layout Clarinot V1 This instrument was originally created as an alternative to the feedback flute I built for use with duck-rabbit. I wanted something that would be a more direct interface for synthesis and sound processing in SuperCollider, and an without the vulnerabilities […]

The Fluke

A feedback/gestural instrument made from a broken flute The idea for this instrument came off the back of using Max/MSP a lot for live electronic music. The patches I had been writing didn’t make me feel like I was making music as effectively as I do when I’m playing the Saxophone. I wanted to try […]