This EP is named after a small narrow boat that was my home for a short time in November 2015. I knew I would be spending most evenings there on my own with little to do, and I wanted to use the time for something creative. Hoping to practice without disturbing other residents at the mooring, I decided to explore very quiet sounds on the saxophone whilst recording some new music. The process of recording these explorations allowed me to focus on details that would be lost or difficult to bring out without the careful use of microphones.

Each day was spent looking for a new quiet sound on the instrument paired with some method of recording it. I would record a short improvisation using headphones to hear the sound from the mics, and then make adjustments to the mics if necessary. This process would repeat until I felt I had touched upon something that was new to me. The tracks on this EP represent the first explorations of these new sounds and appear as I heard them during performance, with no edits and no overdubs.

I wanted to use the fact that this is a digital release to my advantage, and present each track with content that I couldn't fit into conventional liner notes. Alongside the music, I have included a photo taken on each day along with some details of the sounds and recording methods used for each track.

Many Thanks to Alan Williamson for the use of his boat.

Joe Wright - Soprano Saxophone
Recorded in November 2015 on Yarrow, moored near Keynsham, UK.